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What is Road Side Assistance cover in vehicle insurance?

Roadside assistance is an important cover to manage a road side emergency situation. It provides assistance to insured and passengers of the vehicle in case of distress “due to breakdown of the vehicle”. The services provided under the Roadside Assistance cover are as under:- ·          Emergency Towing service ·          Minor Repairing ·          Spare key arrangement ·          Changing of Tyre ·          Emergency Fuel ·          Alternate battery ·          Alternate transportation ·          Alternate accommodation Now a days, insurance companies provide roadside assistance cover as an add-on cover. Premium for this cover is depends upon the age of the vehicle. ·          Emergency towing: Vehicle relocation to the nearest garage in case of major breakdown. When you met an accident / unfortunate incident / Mechanical defect and unable to shift your vehicle to the garage. In such situation, road side assistance cover will help you in shifting your vehicle fro