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How to make your health insurance policy Omicron-ready

  The world is once again coming to terms with yet another variant of COVID – heavily mutated and speculated to be highly transmissible this time. As the virus rears its ugly head once again, right from travel guidelines to vaccine effectiveness, all safety measures are being reassessed all over again. While things may be inching back to normal, it’s time to put our guard up for now. Even as we prepare to battle Omicron and its consequences, do not forget to level up your most important safety shield against it – your health insurance. The catastrophic second wave has taught us some hard lessons and now it’s up to us to measure up and minimise the aftermath this time. Recent times have brought about a tectonic shift in the health insurance landscape. While the awareness and demand pertaining to health insurance have significantly gone up after the outbreak, just having the insurance is not enough. This might be the best time for you to re-evaluate your health insurance. Soon after the